Thursday, March 12, 2015

Government offices in India could be cleaned using cow's urine!!!

Cow's urine may soon be used to clean the floors of India's government offices in a country where the animals are considered sacred and their bodily waste therapeutic and even thirst-quenching.

A charity working to care for the cows that freely roam India's streets has developed a cleaning product from their urine.

The product, which has been distilled and scented, is the latest in a long line of items made from bovine bodily waste. Other products range from soap to urine-based medicines and even a soft drink.

'Initially when we tried the product, it had too strong a smell. Nobody would have used it. So we have distilled the urine now and added natural ingredients like pine oil to cover the smell,' said Anuradha Modi from the Holy Cow Foundation.

Ms Modi said she was working on a deal to get the company that supplies housekeeping items to government offices to use the product - which is called 'Gaunyle', with gau the Hindi word for cow. Full story...

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