Friday, November 07, 2014

The bizzare electromagnetic after effects of near-death experiences...


In addition to these notable after effects, the research of P.M.H. Atwater revealed another, more bizarre pattern, indicating that many people undergo rather remarkable changes to their body’s electromagnetic field. Called ‘electro-sensitivity’ this can bring on puzzling, frightening, and even dangerous situations for some of the most sensitive of NDE survivors.

“Since beginning my research of near-death states in 1978, I have consistently noticed that a large majority of experiencers (both as part of my study and in general conversation with them) reported becoming more sensitive to electrical and magnetic fields – disturbances, equipment, devices, wrist watches – after their episode.” – P.M.H. Atwater

This strange and lasting physiological change is seen by the majority of those who experience NDE’s. Most commonly, those who experience electro-sensitivity after a NDE report ‘interference’ with potentially anything electronic in the external environment. Some examples are:
Lights flickering on and off when entering room, and especially so when there is a high intensity situation occuring:

Computers and other electronics malfunctioning when near
Light bulbs exploding
Disruptions in recording equipment leading to unusual or distorted photos and videos
Wrist watch batteries die quickly, or watches stop for no reason at all
Feeling ‘drained’ when near anything electronic
Receiving television or radio channels that shouldn’t be picked up in that location
Feeling more ‘connected’ to electronics and being able to use them better than before the NDE
Extreme sensitivity to earth changes such as thunder storms, earthquakes, lightening, and tornados.
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