Sunday, September 14, 2014

Google tries to memory hole truth about its outrageous email spying activities...

As the world's leading technology, media and information company, Google has been growing in power and global influence for nearly a decade. But not everything the company has done has been good -- or ethical -- or legal.

As noted in a recent column for USA Today by Thomas R. Burke and Jonathan Segal of the Davis Wright Tremaine law firm -- which represented media companies including the corporate parent of USA Today, Gannett Co. Inc., in a Gmail case against Google -- the media giant tried to hide "bombshell" information from the public:

It turns out that Google, which bases its business on collecting and analyzing huge reams of data for advertising purposes, has been scanning users' emails even before users have a chance to open or read them, including email messages that are deleted without being opened. Google knows what's in your email before you do.

Talk about your massive privacy breach. Full story...

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