Friday, September 12, 2014

26 Zimbabwe women wake to find panties stolen!!!

26 women reported that they woke up one morning, without their underwear.

Apparently, someone stole their clothes while they slept, police in Zimbabwe said.

Gokwe Region Police said that the 26 women reported waking up to find that their underwear had disappeared during the night, but found their panties later in the day, discarded in a bushy area.

Some women gladly took back their underwear, but others threw them away out of fear for witchcraft. The women lit a large fire and burned their underwear.

The police chief of the village where the incident occurred said that he suspects a supernatural involvement as he saw an owl carrying away an adult dog while he was
discussing the issue of the stolen underwear with village leaders.

 "It's amazing what's going on these days in the area, and I believe it would be prudent for the villagers to stop with their witchcraft," the chief said. Source...

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