Sunday, August 03, 2014

These vainglorious fools will march us into another inferno...


Have our leaders learned anything from this episode of folly, mass death and waste? Absolutely not.

They still reach for war at the slightest opportunity. Everyone knows now (I did at the time) that our Iraq adventure was stupid and wrong, and that we had no business in Afghanistan.

But I can well remember being told off sternly for not supporting David Cameron’s war in Libya, supposedly waged to prevent a fictional massacre and some fictional rapes. Only a few weeks ago I was still being told the same story.

Well, Libya is now in flames, British Embassy staff are fleeing the country and the place is far too dangerous for anyone to go there and report on it. Massacres can proceed with impunity, and refugees head unhindered to Italy – and eventually here – in their thousands.

Let me remind you that Mr Cameron was quick to claim an easy triumph. He told the Commons on September 5, 2011: Full story...

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