Monday, August 25, 2014

Size does matter in this case, rules judge!!!

A judge has ordered a deliveryman's manhood to be measured after he claimed in court that it was too small for him to be guilty of exhibitionism.

Herbert O, 54, was accused by a teenaged girl of delivering more than just the package her family had ordered when he approached their house in August 2013.

The girl and her mother went to police the same evening to report the offending member protruding from his open pants zipper.

But Herbert has contested the allegations, saying that he is insufficiently endowed to trouble public order. He even called on his wife to take the stand and testify to his lack of inches.

 “I'm sorry, darling, but your penis is too short to hang out of your trousers,” she told the local court in the town of Leer in East Frisia (Lower Saxony). Full story...

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