Friday, August 15, 2014

Michael Brown: Move over Trayvon. This time it could be war...

Trayvon Martin being shot by a “white hispanic” neighborhood watch volunteer held the headlines for a month or so as the victim-mongers worked overtime to incite a race war. In the end, they were unsuccessful because Trayvon was a punk and a wannabe gangster who clearly attacked the neighborhood watch volunteer and was in the process of beating him to death when self-defense took over and the volunteer shot Martin. That was the initial finding of the police on the scene as well as the county prosecutor. It wasn’t until the governor appointed a special prosecutor who has a history of shoddy prosecution that the victim lobby got fed.

Fortunately, the very courageous, all female, jury saw through the prosecution’s table pounding substitute for the truth and reached the right verdict. Other than the expected howling and spitting, that episode ended pretty well.

Now we’ve got Ferguson, MO and Michael Brown. As we’ve noted, this is not going to end well. In this case, the lines are clearly drawn and nobody is in any hurry to back off and this is not anything like the Martin shooting no matter how the victim-driven-media tries to portray it.

First of all, Trayvon Martin was a punk, gangster wannabe who had had frequent encounters with the police. We are pretty sure Michael Brown more on the order of a pretty good kid. We’ve formed that opinion because in the week since Brown’s shooting we’ve not heard or read one word about any previous problems with the cops, and with all the national attention on this shooting, if the cops had anything on Brown it would have leaked.

Second, we’ve got two vastly divergent stories about what happened. Here’s what the Ferguson Chief of Police is saying. Full story...

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