Monday, May 12, 2014

Why is polio with 68 cases worldwide a “global emergency” but autism with 1 in 25 families affected not?

Here is a report from New Scientist and please note 68 is the entire number of cases worldwide:

This year there have already been 68 cases, meaning numbers could now rise much higher. Nine of those were in five countries which had no known cases last year.

Just a short question for you to consider. Autism is an international emergency outstripping all other health issues for children put together and that is literally mathematically. It is affecting around 1 in 25 families in the US, UK and other parts of the world.

Polio cases are in the region of a few hundred in the entire world and billions are being spent allegedly eradicating polio. So if you have an answer post a comment. It might be "because Bill Gates doesn't care about autistic kids, but only with claiming the credit for eliminating polio."


Is it not fascinating to observe the WHO, who has no enforcement authority, insert itself directly into the affairs -- "at the level of head of state or government" -- of other governments, both to declare a national health emergency and compel compulsory medical interventions that could affect every citizen of, and visitor to, their countries. Full story...

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