Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Passengers, crew on Australian aircraft exposed to toxic fumes...

The passengers and crew of Australian planes have been exposed to potentially toxic fumes on over 1,000 occasions, a report reveals. Former cabin crew are now taking legal action, alleging the exposure is linked to cancers and neurological disorders.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has released a report on aircraft safety documenting over 1,000 cases of exposure to toxic fumes on Australian flights over the past five years. While the report says that most of the cases when members of the cabin crew or passengers were affected were of “minor consequence,” there were 11 minor injuries and “one incapacitation.”

Reports of fumes filling the cabin ranged from minor smells to cases of smoke from aircraft engine fuel seeping into the plane.

The document said most of the fumes could be attributed to aircraft system issues “relating to failure or malfunction of electrical and auxiliary power unit (APU) systems.” The ATSB concludes that the risk of an incident occurring were rare and effective measures were deployed in most cases to combat the fumes.

However, former cabin crew members have complained, claiming prolonged exposure to the fumes has caused chronic health problems ranging from neurological disorders to cancer. They claim that they were never warned of the potential impact on their long-term health.

 Former pilot Susan Michaelis told news.com.au that she collapsed in the cockpit of a BAe146 aircraft because of repeated exposure to fumes from heated jet oil. Full story...

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