Saturday, May 03, 2014

15-year-old Malawi girl cuts off husband's penis for refusing her sex...

A fifteen year old wife in Phalombe is in police custody while her husband is battling for his life after she allegedly sliced off the manhood of her husband when he refused her sex.

Media reports have quoted the police spokesperson for Phalombe police, Augustus Nkwazi, as confirming the arrest of the fifteen year old wife to twenty-two year old Misheck Chinkhuku for unlawful wounding. It is said that on April 28, the husband who also happens to be a fisherman returned from his fishing trip where he had been for three days.

It was after the return that the wife who is preganant asked for sex from the man but the man turned her down claiming that he was tired.  This eventually did not go down well with the wife who took a knife while the husband was asleep and sliced off the husband’s penis. The pain of the sliced off penis made the husband and cry in agony and that alerted neighbours who came in to the aid of the man and took him to the hospital.

He is currently at Zomba Central hospital receiving medical attention while the wife Olivia Kalimbuka is in police custody.

Gender based violence has been rampant in most Malawian marriages and this has had victims from both genders but surprisingly only the female abuse has been highlighted. Source...

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