Friday, April 18, 2014

Sacred cow and a bull marry in India!!!

A cow and a bull have been married off in a lavish Indian wedding - costing £10,000.

More than 5,000 villagers turned up to watch sacred cow Ganga and Prakash get hitched during the Hindu ceremony held near Indore in Madya Pradesh.

The nuptials were organised by Ganga's guardian, Gopal Patwari, to save the state's harvest from a 'natural disaster'.

According to Mr Patwari: 'Natural calamities like hailstorms and heavy rain occurred in nearby areas, destroying their crops,' he said.

'To prevent this from happening to our villages we organised this wedding on the advice of Sadhus and holy men.

'We have been told this will maintain peace in our village.' More + pictures + video...

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