Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Does the FBI use Stasi-style tactics against Muslims?

According to a lawsuit, four people who refused to act as informants have been denied the ability to travel abroad.

A complaint filed this week in a Manhattan federal court alleges that the FBI is cornering innocent people, insisting that they act as informants for the federal government and preventing them from leaving the country if they refuse to collaborate.

Those are the tactics of the Stasi: Spy on other members of society or else. If you refuse? Forget about the ability to travel freely or visit family abroad.

If Tanvir v. Holder is decided on the merits, rather than suppressed in the name of state secrets, we'll find out if the FBI has turned those tactics against Muslim Americans. That's what four plaintiffs allege. The stories they tell are chilling.

Jameel Algibhah is an American citizen who lives in New York City. His wife and three daughters live in Yemen, where he used to visit them for several months each year. Starting in 2010 he was denied permission to board airplanes. As usual, the government won't provide any official explanation. According to the lawsuit, however, the No-Fly List is being used as leverage.

This is the version of events in the complaint: Full story..

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