Saturday, March 08, 2014

Families angry and agonized during wait for news of missing plane...

Families whose relatives were aboard the apparently doomed Malaysia Airlines plane that vanished en route to Beijing spent a distraught day in a Beijing hotel waiting for news that they feared would be catastrophic.

A sobbing woman in her 20s said her brother texted her that he was on the plane, but when it didn't arrive she said airline officials told her plane hadn't taken off. But her parents at home read news accounts of the plane's disappearance.

A woman cried uncontrollably, saying her son was on the plane.

"My son is only 40 years. He is so kind. Please take my life, and give my son back, what am I going to do?" she wailed. "My son, Malyasian Airline, you are killing me."

 A woman wrapped in a green coat said her husband works in a factory in Malaysia and he comes home each month. The family was planning to go on vacation in Hainan Sunday, but the father wanted to fly home today so he could go to the dentist with their 5-year-old child before they went on vacation. Full story...

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