Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Zimbabwe woman stole 47 panties, sticking them between her thighs...

A BULAWAYO woman was nicked after stealing 47 pairs of panties and sticking them between her thighs, a court heard yesterday.

Sibusisiwe Ncube, of Mzilikazi suburb, was spared jail by Mrs Gladmore Mushove after admitting shoplifting at the Bulawayo Magistrates' Court.

Ncube walked into Costham Trading Wholesalers along Lobengula Street on 11 November pretending to be one of the afternoon shoppers.

The court was told that soon after entering the shop, Ncube, a mother of three, first took a fleeting look around the building apparently to make sure that Mr Thembumenzi Sibanda, the shopkeeper, was not on the lookout.

Satisfied that no one was watching her, Ncube quickly picked a bunch of 47 knickers worth $74 and thrust them in between her thighs.

Mr Sibanda, who had placed her under surveillance, intercepted her just as she tried to walk out of the shop. Full story...

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