Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ugandan Arsenal fan loses house after United win!!!

A UGANDAN Arsenal fan who has three wives has been left with a lot of explaining to do after he lost his house in a high-risk bet with his friend that the Gunners would triumph in last weekend’s Premier League duel against Manchester United.

Henry Dhabasani, according to media reports, made the ill-fated gambit with friend Rashid Yiga, with both gambling things most would never put in a wager.

Dhabasani, a father of three children by three different wives, staked his home on Arsene Wenger’s side claiming victory in the English top flight fixture on November 10 at Old Trafford, while Yiga agreed to give him his cherished Toyota Premio car and wife if David Moyes’ men suffered defeat.

Luckily for Yiga, Robin Van Persie’s sole goal of the game meant United won 1-0 so he did not have to hand over his car keys and spouse to his buddy.

Unfortunately, Dhabasani and his wives and children were forced out of their home by a group of United fans, the Ugandan Observer reported, following the community in the eastern village of Iganga witnessing both men sign the wager in writing.

African fans of Premier League teams are well known for their extreme passion for their side – earlier this season a South African cop in Durban reportedly shot his friend in the chest because he taunted him about Liverpool losing 2-0 to Arsenal.

Who knows what will happen on the continent if the Gunners go a ninth year without any silverware? Source...

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