Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rajnikanth tops them all!!!

In India, Hrithik and Shahrukh Khan have played superheroes on the silver screen and now many other actors like Ranbir Kapoor apparently want to follow suit. While SRK as G.One in Ra.One had little fans jumping with joy, Hrithik as Krrish drove them in a frenzy in both Krrish and Krrish 3, but one name surpasses them-Rajnikanth!

He is truly a class apart. Here's a list of reasons that make Rajnikanth a superhero and that too, India's most loved!

Style- Like every superhero (Superman's red underwear, Spiderman's web costume, Batman's black mask, to name a few), our very own Rajnikanth aka Thalaivaa aka Boss has a style or rather styles that are unique to him. For generations, he has inspired Tamil and Bollywood actors. From the famous cigarette flipping act to lighting it with his revolver, Rajnikanth entertains like no other. Another peculiar act he does on screen is the way he wears his goggles. Normal humans being will have to try hard to flip it the Rajni way. He flips the glasses from his elbows before they turn up in the air and magically sit on his face. And to get the Rajni look, the man does not even use a comb. His hands suffice. And of course, Rajnikanth never warns the villains in his films. He just throws a powerful dialogue that seems to work! Another trademark of Rajnikanth is his white Thundu or large stole that is always draped neatly and rests on his shoulder. He comes second to none!

Popularity- He is a larger than life figure in films and in reality too. A villain who became a hero by default, he is one of the highest paid Indian actors. From being mentioned in a school syllabus to being popular in Japan (so much so that Prime Minster Manmohan Singh spoke about the latter's film as an example to highlight indo-Japanese relations), Rajnikanth is unbeatable. Even the badhshah of Bollywood, SRK dedicated a song to the Thalaivaa in his record breaking film , Chennai Express. Full story...

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