Saturday, October 26, 2013

Woman rides horse to DMV to get her driver's license back...

Ashlee Owens' driver's license was suspended, but she told us, all her paperwork was in order. To protest, she rode her horse to the DMV on West Broad Street in Richmond. So what went wrong, and how did it get to this?

A triumphant trot to the DMV. It's not something you see every day on Broad Street. But this isn't horseplay. It's Ashlee's protest of what she calls a painful problem with the DMV.

"I've been trying for the past three days to get through to DMV. And between the answering service telling me it's too long of a wait and hanging up on me... and trying to talk to someone to get this straight, I don't feel like I should be in this predicament at all," said Ashlee.

Here's how we got here: the DMV says it had no proof of Ashlee's insurance. Ashlee says she sent it all through email and regular mail. But the DMV didn't see it, and her license was suspended. We asked if she thinks riding her horse, Sassy, will get her point across.

 "I would hope so, but, with the people I've dealt with, I would guess not," she said. More + video...

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