Friday, October 04, 2013

Penis hotpots and snake blood: Asia's libido-boosting foods...

Holding aloft a half-metre long horse penis, chef Xiao Shan confidently declares it "the most delicious" of the ingredients in a Chinese hotpot of male genitalia, one of many supposed Asian remedies to boost the libido.

Penises and testicles from donkey, goat, dog, bull and deer, the other contributors to the $200 feast, are laid out on a kitchen table, like a sorry-looking row of odd-sized sausages and veiny, oval vegetables, all waiting to be sliced up by his looming, intimidating cleaver.

"The (horse) texture and the flavour are both very good. It is also good for one's health," said Xiao, who has been preparing male organs since he was 13, using skills handed down in his family for several generations.

Sourced from some of Asia's wildest and most rugged terrains, the organs are chopped up before being arranged on a bed of lettuce around an elaborate glass stand, more akin to something that might display fairy cakes or scones in a high-class cake shop.

The unique dishes at Guolizhuang, China's only penis speciality restaurant chain, are popular among business parties and government officials, Li Yanzhi, manager of the Chaoyang branch, told AFP. Full story...

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