Sunday, October 20, 2013

India shame: Man made to lick spit of leaders commits suicide...

A man in Bihar who picked up a fight with a local priest committed suicide unable to bear the ignominy of having to lick their spit off the ground.

According to reports in ToI, the 40-year-old man confronted the priest after the latter allegedly harassed his daughter.

The confrontation soon turned ugly and the villagers intervened. A panchayat meeting was called to discuss the issue and the leaders pronounced him to be in the wrong and imposed upon him a fine of Rs21,000 [Dh1,259].

When he sought leniency, the members of the panchayat council ordered he lick their spit off the ground as a mark of appeasement.

Forced to perform such a demeaning act in public, he returned home and ended his life, claimed his wife, who rushed him to hospital in vain.

She has filed a complaint with the police.

All the accused are absconding, according to police reports. Source...

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