Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"I'm happily married to a doll."

THIS is the story of a man and his doll.

Davecat bought his now wife from the Abyss Creations website 13 years ago. He saved for a year and a half to buy a $6000 RealDoll, who he named Sidore Kuroneko.

Davecat (the online pseudonym he prefers to go by) was directed to the website by a good friend who knew he had always been in love with various types of artificial women.

He selected her facial type, body type, eye colour, makeup, skin tone and bust size and she soon arrived in a FedEx box at his house.

“The results were entirely worth it … It was love at first sight,” Davecat told news.com.au.

And the rest, he says, “is history”. Full story...

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