Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Horrific video shows Saudi husband beating Asian man with a belt 'because he dared speak to his wife'

Human rights campaigners are outraged at a video that has surfaced from Saudi Arabia of an Asian man being severely beaten by a Saudi man, allegedly for looking at his wife.

The footage shows the Asian worker, wearing an orange overall, sitting opposite the Saudi man dressed in white robes.

The Asian man has a swollen eye and is repeatedly slapped and hit in the face by the other man.

According to the English service of Al Arabiya, a news site, the Saudi man is allegedly accusing the other man of talking to his wife.

The Saudi man then starts to repeatedly whip the Asian man with his belt. The victim falls to the floor crying out in pain, where he is kicked and whipped over and over.

When he gets to his feet, the Saudi man appears to grab him by the throat and forces him up against the wall before continuing to beat him. More + video...

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