Saturday, September 14, 2013

Study confirms discomfort between S'poreans and new immigrants...

A recent study has confirmed discomfort arising from the growing pool of new immigrants in Singapore.

The Indicators of Racial and Religious Harmony -- put together by the Institute of Policy Studies and, the national body for racial harmony -- showed that Singaporeans were less comfortable with new Singaporeans as their boss, employee, or neighbour.

The study covered some 5,000 local households.

It showed that 93.8 per cent of non-Chinese respondents are comfortable with having a Singaporean Chinese as their boss. The figure drops by nearly 20 percentage points when it comes to having a new immigrant from China as a boss.

Similarly, 84 per cent of Chinese, Malay and Eurasian Singaporeans said they are comfortable with an Indian Singaporean as their boss, but only about 74 per cent feel the same when it comes to reporting to a new immigrant from India. Full story...

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  1. simple indian girl:
    September 11, 2013 at 8:03 pm (Quote)

    Why talk only about non-Chinese Singaporeans and PRC? Are you trying to sow seeds of discontent?

    Why don’t give figures for Chinese Singaporeans and PRC bosses and neighbours? Figures would show similar or more in terms of numbers.

    A more fair study would be to do a study of Singaporeans (regardless of race) to Singaporeans (regardless of race) bosses as compared to foreign bosses.

    Rating: +12 (from 28 votes)

  2. Sorry, simple indian girl, I merely link to the articles without any personal opinion. You have to go to the original site and article to demand an explanation. Cheers..