Saturday, September 07, 2013

Mysterious deaths in Zimbabwe sparks fear of satanism...

THE death of several people in Emakhandeni within a short space of time — under mysterious circumstances — has sparked fear among residents, who suspect the suburb is haunted by evil spirits and needs some form of ritual or spiritual cleansing.

Late last month, three family members — Chipo Mudinzwa (58), her 29-year-old daughter Christine and son Cleopas — died in a mysterious fire. On the day of their burial, Tinashe Zindoga, who stays barely 500m from the fire victims’ house, hanged his son before committing suicide.

According to neighbours, a week before these incidents, a man from the suburb lost his life after being hit by a train.

Residents from the suburb are living in fear of their lives as they suspect that these deaths were caused by evil spirits.

“We don’t think we are safe anymore,” Sithabile Mlilo, a resident said.

“If this is happening to our neighbours, it is bound to happen to us as well.” Full story...

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