Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Zimbabwe taxi-driver's manhood burst after sleeping with ‘cursed’ married woman

In a suspected case of runyoka, a Cowdray Park man’s organ apparently burst a few days after bedding a ‘cursed’ married woman.

The man only identified as Cain who worked as a driver for Tshova Mubaiwa taxis between Cowdray Park – City has since died.

A reliable source said Cain was in an extra marital affair with a married woman whose husband is based in South Africa.

It is said that in February this year, the woman’s husband discovered about the illicit affair and warned Cain to stay away from his wife but Cain just continued with the affair.

“We suspect that after finding about the relationship, the woman’s husband put runyoka on his wife,” the source said.

Cain started confessing after his organ had burst that he slept with somebody’s wife. Full story...

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