Friday, August 02, 2013

Super thin and flexible circuits clear the way for truly wearable computers...

A wispy new kind of electronic circuit that can conform to every shape your body takes could give amputees greater control over artificial limbs, spawn truly controller-free video gaming, and make wearable devices like fitness trackers and computers so unnoticeable we never bother taking them off.

Electronics continue to get smaller, faster, and smarter, but they are still brittle and rigid enough to notice when you put them in your pocket. From phones to insulin pumps, tech is still bulky and heavy enough to notice.

A team of Japanese and European scientists working out of the University of Tokyo have developed an ultra-thin, flexible electronic circuit that floats like a feather and can be crumpled like paper.

"Now, you can wrap electronics not just around maybe a ball pen, but even around a human hair," project leader Martin Kaltenbrunner told Business Insider in an email. "Our sensor foils can easily conform even to wrinkles of skin and be wrapped around the elbow or finger knuckles that steadily move, and still work perfectly." Full story...

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