Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zambian teachers say they live in fear of 'invisible sex' with witches. What???

The week has barely begun and already the gods have served us up a fresh piece of crazy. It seems that teachers at the Nashongo and Makaba primary schools in Siavonga, Zambia have threatened to abandon their posts after a rash of indecent incidents involving invisible witches. According to Chief Sinadambwe of the Tonga-speaking people, the saucy sorcerers have been projecting their spirits into the teachers' bedrooms and molesting them. And they don’t even have the decency to call in the morning.

So far, the witches have declined to comment – but Chief Sinadambwe told the Zambia Daily Mail:

‘The male teachers complained that they have been having sex with women they cannot see. This has been happening to them for about three weeks.’

Dude, that's been happening to a lot of men since they were about 13. I hate to break this to the Chief but there’s actually nothing unusual about a guy having sex without a girl being physically present – in fact for many of us there is literally no other option. Full story...

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