Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Women in India persecuted for their mobile phones...

The telephone was the cause of the conflict, and a key piece of evidence. In Nawada in Bihar, a man strangled his 20-year-old daughter, before dousing her body in kerosene and burning her, after he discovered her talking on her mobile to a boy he didn't approve of.

The girl's boyfriend recorded her dying screams on his phone.

The mobile phone has changed the way the world talks, but in no place has that change been more confusing and confronting than in India, where 20million new handsets are bought every month.

In cities, crowded corner shops offer a staggering array of phones and accessories. In the country, even the lowliest subsistence farmer has a basic handset, those in any kind of business often carrying two or three.

Business (busting government communications monopolies), politics (phones as campaign mobilisers) even terrorism (bombs set off by SMS) have all been transformed by phones.

But it is in the realm of relationships - how they are made and fostered in New India - where the phone's impact has perhaps been most profound. Full story...

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