Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pizza maker in Switzerland under fire for 'sexy' delivery staff...

:Bulldog Pizza is opening soon in Nyon, a town between Geneva and Lausanne, promising to deliver pizzas and sandwiches to businesses and homes.

But its plan to hire solely young women for deliveries has provoked the ire of Magaly Hanselmann, an official with the canton of Vaud responsible for gender equality, 20 Minutes reported online on Tuesday.

“It is shocking: we are confronted here with a case that could be one of direct discrimination,” Hanselmann is quoted by the newspaper as saying.

The pizza company has advertised in French for “female delivery people, women only . . . of excellent appearance, young and go-getting”.

Hanselmann said the text poses not only a problem with the law on equality but it puts potential employees in a dangerous situation.

 “To have sexy women making deliveries alone makes no sense,” she told 20 Minutes. Full story...

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