Thursday, July 18, 2013

Norwegian women reported rape in Dubai and convicted of sex outside marriage...(Google translate)

A Norwegian woman has been sentenced to imprisonment for one year and four months in Dubai after she reported a rape.

- The woman reported a rape to the police in Dubai, but was not thought of this. We have been told that she herself was instead sentenced to one year and four months. The judicial system here has obviously taken the information she has given them and meant that she is guilty of anything, says Gisle Meling, a priest in the Seamen's Church in Dubai.

He stressed that he did not read the judgment and therefore do not know the details of what the woman has been convicted.

This is a terrible situation for her. We are very surprised and had hopes that it would go the other way. But we live in a country with a legal system that has come to the conclusion through their Sharia law, says Meling. Full story...

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