Saturday, July 20, 2013

Indian student kills himself after crow sits on his head...

A 23-year-old Indian man allegedly committed suicide on Thursday because a crow sat on his head twice in the same day.

An engineering graduate, VH Anand spent the last seven months as a trainee at Bangalore's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). HAL is one of Asia's largest aerospace companies.

He was found dead at his rented apartment, which he shared with his brother, Hampanna. Local reports say he killed himself by consuming poison. His brother was visiting the siblings' hometown of Gadag, which is 420km north of Bangalore.


Preliminary investigations reveal Anand was upset on Wednesday, after a crow sat on his head. He spoke to his mother at the time, expressing his fears.

His mother's words, it appears, failed to soothe the young man, who also spoke to his sister.

"My brother had called my mother, Parvathi, and told her about the crow. He was very tense when he spoke," Hampanna told Bangalore Mirror. Full story...

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