Monday, July 29, 2013

French deemed 'too lazy' for Swiss recruiters...

Swiss recruitment firms are shunning French candidates because they are deemed "too lazy" and "arrogant" and have a penchant for ringing in sick on Mondays and Fridays, according to reports in a Swiss newspaper this week.

The French have come under the cosh for their work ethic in recent months. In February outspoken American CEO, Maurice Taylor accused French factory workers of spending most of their time at work talking and now it is the turn of the Swiss to cast aspersions on how hard the French work.

This week a Swiss paper provoked headlines and more soul searching in France by claiming recruitment firms in the country are shunning the French because they are perceived to be too “lazy and arrogant”.

Le Matin Dimanche reported that Swiss recruitment firms are including the requirement “Swiss or resident in Switzerland” in job adverts to avoid being inundated by French applicants.

Recruitment agencies interviewed by the newspaper say they include the condition in order to meet with the desires of their clients, who have a less than flattering view of the French.

 The newspaper quotes the head of recruitment at a medium sized construction firm, who complains that the French staff are often ill on Mondays or Fridays and they have a "vengeful" attitude. Full story...

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