Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dentist’s decision to fire ‘too attractive’ assistant upheld by court...

Dentist acted legally to fire his hygienist because he found her too attractive and his wife saw her as a threat, judges say.

A dentist did not discriminate against a female assistant he fired for being “too attractive,” the Iowa Supreme Court ruled unanimously Friday in its second decision in the case.

In December, the all-male Iowa Supreme Court ruled that Dr. James Knight did not discriminate in firing dental hygienist Melissa Nelson after more than 10 years service because he found her too attractive and his wife saw her as a threat.

Nelson had argued she would not have been fired if she were a man, and her attorney, Paige Fiedler, argued in seeking a second hearing that their decision was a setback for gender equality in the workplace.

In late June, the justices decided to reconsider the case.

“We ultimately conclude the conduct does not amount to unlawful sex discrimination in violation of the Iowa Civil Rights Act,” Justice Edward Mansfield wrote. Full story...

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