Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Prophet in Zimbabwe sends goblins to steal woman's panties!!!

A Bulawayo woman is reportedly tormented by goblins which steal her g-string panties and whisper insults, accusing her of switching to another church.

The woman, Lynette Ziweya, is accusing Prophet Paul Grinder of Johane Masowe eChishnu of sending his goblins to torture her because she left the church to join another one.

"I used to attend Prophet Grinder's church and after realising that he was not a true prophet because of his actions, I decided to move to another church. It seems he was not pleased and since that time, my panties started disappearing at home. As if that was not enough, whenever I try to go to another church, I will be seeing the goblins which will be ordering me to return to Prophet Grinder's church," she said.

Ziweya revealed that everywhere she goes, these goblins follow her and as a result she no longer has peace in her life. Full story...

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