Monday, May 27, 2013

Medication 'kills 18,000 each year' in France...

Medication causes more deaths per year in France than car crashes and suicides combined, according to expert testimony on Monday at the high-profile trial of a pharmaceutical executive, implicated in hundreds of deaths.

Prescribed medication is responsible for at least 18,000 deaths each year in France, according to Dr. Bernard Bégaud, an expert witness at the trial of Jacques Servier, founder of the Servier biopharmaceutical company.

“Every year there are 18,000 deaths directly linked to taking medication,” Bégaud told the court at Nanterre, where Servier is on trial for “aggravated fraud,” after hundreds of deaths were linked to the anti-diabetes drug Mediator.

“Many of them are inevitable, but one third are due to unjustified prescriptions,” Bégaud said.

 “France is a country that has always very badly regulated the use of medication,” he added. Full story...

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