Friday, April 26, 2013

You bunch of crooks! Widow, 75, speaks for millions as she stands up at Barclays' AGM to attack 'greed' of bankers pocketing sky-high pay packets...

It had to be said and yesterday a widow from a small market town was the one to say it.

Venting the fury of a nation, Joan Woolard accused the millionaire bosses of Barclays of being ‘greedy bastards’.

The 75-year-old had travelled all the way from Spalding in rural Lincolnshire to the bank’s annual meeting in London to condemn the City’s bonus culture.

Mrs Woolard lambasted Barclays directors for dishing out seven-figure pay packages and demanded to know why no bankers had been jailed.

Mocking the new Barclays motto – ‘the go-to bank’ – she added: ‘Go-to? Go to hell Barclays! A lot of people regard Barclays and its board as a bunch of crooks.

‘My income is £726 a month. I live quite well on that – I don’t understand why anyone needs a million, even to live in London.

‘Anyone who asks for more than that is a greedy bastard – pardon my French.

‘Banks have brought us down – brought the entire global economy down. Yet none of you have gone to jail.

‘I don’t understand how you can sleep at night.’ Full story...

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