Saturday, April 20, 2013

Man in Zimbabwe irons wife's face during brawl...

POLICE in Bulawayo have arrested a man after he allegedly burnt his wife with an iron in the face during an argument over the use of electricity.

The incident occurred sometime in March but came to light recently after Mgcini Moyo was hauled before Western Commonage magistrate Mrs Taney Dube on a charge of physical abuse. It is reported that on the day at about 6am, Moyo who was preparing to get to work, took an iron and as he was about to plug it, his wife Thobekile Sibanda interjected and told him not to do so.

That was because the cash power meter was registering that they were running out of electricity. Moyo was reportedly angered by his wife's orders and threatened to beat her up.

 The woman went on telling her husband who seemed defiant that they risked going for days without electricity because their pockets were also running low. It is said that a war of words erupted between the two. While Moyo vowed to go on and plug the iron, Sibanda made it known to him that he was not going to have it easy. Full story...

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