Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Indian millionaire takes out advert looking for 'slim, childless, meat-eating wife'

An Indian multi-millionaire has spent £15,000 on a full-page advertisement in The Times of India's matrimonial section to spell out just how rich he is in an attempt to find a wife.

Despite owning his own private plane, sprawling palace, fleet of cars and superbikes, retired travel agency tycoon Dinshah Vimadalal has found it difficult to find a partner since his wife died three years ago in a car accident.

Since his ad appeared in the paper's Mumbai edition on Sunday, his offer has been the talk of the the Indian city.

According to his advertisement, he is looking for a slim, childless woman under 40 to share his sprawling, self-built hacienda in Hermosillo, Mexico, a 45 minute flight by his private turboprop from Tuscon, Arizona.

 "You must speak English and have done your basic schooling. I don't care how much money you have or don't have ... you should have a sense of adventure and the desire to live an exciting life." Full story...

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