Monday, April 08, 2013

Feds identify 300,000 Americans as terrorists...

Do you hate paying taxes? Are you fighting foreclosure? Do you feel like no one should be allowed to commit violence against you and don't always blindly follow the commands of the authorities? Do you film encounters with police or believe gold makes better currency than Federal Reserve Notes? Well you might be part of a domestic terrorism movement and not even know it.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Times posted an article attempting to define a domestic terrorist movement consisting of as many as 300,000 Americans. Some are even labeled as non-violent "paper terrorists".

Is there a more Orwellian term than "non-violent terrorist"? If you can think of one please share it in the comments below.

They refer to this so-called terror group as "sovereigns, zealots who refuse to recognize government authority in virtually any form."

 When attempting to further define and identify individuals in this movement, some very broad and dangerous stereotypes appear. Full story...

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