Saturday, March 09, 2013

This is the Modem World: The dark side of Google Glass...

I want to be excited about Google Glass -- I really do. I saw Robocop as a kid and dreamed that, one day, I too could walk around with a HUD that would feed me information on call, receive messages and record the world around me.

But now that years have passed and I've witnessed humanity worship the smartphone, make prevalent voice-controlled navigation and perfect self-mounted, POV digital video cameras, I'm not so sure that Google Glass is going to be good for us as a society. There is a dark side to what appears to be a wonderful coming together of complementary technology, and I'm here to poop this party.

At least as it's currently described, Google Glass will allow us to pay attention to the world while still being connected. But I'm gonna ask: Have we become so addicted to our information -- social networking, news, email, gaming, entertainment -- that we've become dangerous? I honestly don't know, but on my daily drive home in Los Angeles, I see at least three people a day checking text messages when they should be driving.

 Meanwhile, we've become rude: people check messages in the middle of conversations, get up from dinner tables to take calls and hold their smartphones on their laps to respond to emails below the tablecloth. We've become jerks. Full story...

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