Monday, March 18, 2013

The fake 'minister' who duped China's Communist party for years...

With his bouffant black hair, white short-sleeve shirt and endless boring speeches, he certainly seemed like a high-ranking Communist party official.

But Zhao Xiyong, who has claimed since 2010 to be the head of China's State Council Research Office - giving him the rank of vice-minister - was an artful impostor.

For years, Mr Zhao pulled off a pitch-perfect impersonation of a leader from Beijing that local officials in the south western province of Yunnan, being subordinate in rank, did not dare to question.

He was allowed to give keynote talks at important conferences, seated with pride of place at the banquet table, and grovelled to by local officials.

 He would also frequently tour the province, delivering vague and empty speeches and greeting local Communist party chiefs. Full story...

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