Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lingerie to 'help' women fight sexual offences in India!!!

Three automobile engineers from Chennai have come out with what they claim can check sexual offences in India -- a lingerie laced with modules of GPS and capable of sending alerts to the girl's parents and police.

"The lingerie, laced with modules of global positioning system (GPS), global system for mobile communications (GSM) and also pressure sensors, is capable of sending shock waves of 3,800 kV as well as alerts to the girl's parents and police," says Manisha Mohan, co-developer of the innovative product named Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE).

"The shocks can be emitted up to 82 times," she said, adding it's an apt device which could get women "freedom from situations faced in bus, public places", where at times they are reluctant to walk down to lawmakers for help.

"A person trying to molest a girl will get the shock of his life the moment pressure sensors get activated, and the GPS and GSM modules would send a SMS on emergency number 100, as well as to parents of the girl," she describes the functioning process. Full story...

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