Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Facebook censors TV host's pope criticism...

An outspoken German TV presenter said he was "speechless" with fury after he claimed Facebook censored his status updates criticising the social values of the Catholic church and Pope Francis himself.

In a furious outburst on Facebook on Monday night, 55-year-old radio presenter J├╝rgen Domian said the social network was trying to silence "critical questions" about the new pope.

"It's monstrous," wrote the presenter in a post reacting to the "censorship," which by Tuesday lunchtime had been shared 28,000 times and received over 3,000 comments.

Domian said he believed Facebook had taken down the posts after receiving complaints from Catholic users.

 "Clearly fanatical supporters of the [Catholic] church kicked up such a fuss with Facebook that they buckled," he wrote "It's downright shocking." Full story...

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