Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wife throws cheating husband from balcony!!!

An Egyptian woman threw her husband from the balcony of their apartment after she caught him with another woman, according to Masrawy website.

The Giza police station received a call from a resident of Al Haram area complaining about an injured person lying on the street.

The police questioned the injured husband who confirmed that his wife had flung him from the balcony after she found him with another woman in their bedroom.

The police summoned the wife who pleaded guilty and she disclosed that while she was visiting her family in Kafr Tohormos, her husband was cheating on her. She returned and found her husband in a compromising position with his mistress.

She pointed out she couldn’t do anything except carrying him and throwing him from the balcony of their flat located on the second floor of the building.

The police arrested the wife but the husband reconciled with his wife and didn’t file an official complaint against her. Source...

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