Thursday, February 07, 2013

Palestinian inmates 'sneak sperm out of jail'

A Palestinian medical centre has said it had successfully carried out artificial insemination procedures by smuggling out the sperm of four Palestinians jailed by Israel.

"The successful experience of detainee Ammar Ziben encouraged other prisoners who managed to sneak out their sperm," the head of the Razan fertility clinic in Nablus, Dr Saalem Abu al-Kheizaran, told a news conference on Wednesday.

Ziben, who is serving 32 life sentences in an Israeli prison, had smuggled a sperm sample to his wife and in August a boy was born to the couple by Caesarian section.


But Kheizaran said that over the past few months his medical centre had received "dozens of [sperm] samples, some of which were not viable because they had not been stored adequately."

"But we were able to use the others for insemination ... and now we have had four successes," he told reporters. Full story...

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