Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mistress culture among officials embarrassing China's anti-corruption campaign...

China's anti-corruption campaign turned out to be an "embarrassing development" as about 95 per cent of officials being probed have mistresses, highlighting how a raft of bureaucrats traded power for sex and money, an official media report said on Thursday.

A recent report by Renmin University of China said about 95 per cent of officials being investigated have mistresses, state-run Xinhua news agency commentary titled "China feels women's weight in fight against graft", said.

"As an ancient Chinese saying goes, few heroes can resist the lure of beauty. In this sense, communist officials should demonstrate their strength as superheroes in their fight against corruption," the commentary said in a rare criticism following a host of scandals highlighted in recent months.

 Last week, Yi Junqing, director of the central compilation and translation bureau, a leading think tank of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) was removed from his post after a lengthy online essay posted by his alleged mistress, Chang Yan. Full story...

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