Thursday, August 23, 2012

Senior Kingfisher pilot in India flew with woman in cockpit!!!

The head of Kingfisher Airline's pilot training flew a woman in the cockpit on a Delhi-Mumbai flight and when the cabin crew protested, told them to stay away during the journey. The crew of the flight IT 304 of August 19 have now lodged a complaint with the management, saying the pilot flouted DGCA rules by flying an unauthorized person in the cockpit.

"We will investigate the matter," Kingfisher spokesman Prakash Mirpuri said. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation too has ordered a probe and warned of strict action if the pilot is found guilty.

This incident comes at a time when the DGCA is conducting a safety audit of Kingfisher and Air India Express — airlines identified as being in severe financial distress by a DGCA audit last December.

The Kingfisher cabin crew did not press the case against the pilot on August 19 itself as the commander is one of the seniormost pilots of the airline. Full story...

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