Thursday, August 16, 2012

Did you hear? Protestants in Canada told to stop gossiping!!!

Canada's largest Protestant denomination is urging congregants to stop gossiping, likening the chatter to gambling and "other evils of society."

"Gossip can cause people to lose their jobs and their good reputations," according to a motion under consideration at the United Church of Canada's 41st general council, held August 11-18 in Ottawa.

Idle talk can "lead to broken friendships and split families, and can be used as a malicious weapon against an opponent," the resolution continued, adding that mean-spirited gabbing "can cause people to switch churches or in some instances, to stop attending church altogether."

The motion aims to "encourage congregations to seek ways to raise awareness of the harmful aspects of gossip."

While not explicitly a sin, United Church spokesman Reverend Bruce Gregersen explained that spreading tales is contrary to Christian teachings promoting love, truth and honesty.

It falls into the category of "bearing false witness," he told AFP. Full story...

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