Thursday, August 02, 2012

'Dead' Bangladeshi returns to village after 23 years...

A Bangladeshi man who went missing 23 years ago shocked his family after returning to his ancestral village.

Moslemuddin Sarkar, who had been missing since 1989, returned home on Tuesday with help from the International Committee of the Red Cross after spending 15 years in Pakistani jails.

Hundreds of well-wishers turned out in Bishnurampur village in northern Mymensingh district of Bangladesh to catch a glimpse of him and congratulate the tearful and jubilant family.

 Mr Sarkar said he had entered India without valid documents in 1989 without informing his family. He was then caught as he tried to cross into Pakistan in 1997 where he was jailed for trying to enter the country illegally. Full story...

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