Friday, August 10, 2012

Baba Ramdev: India can win gold if Olympics gave medals for corruption...

At a time when the Indian contingent of athletes in London are finding it too hard to win an elusive gold medal at the Olympics, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev said on Friday said that India would score the medal if corruption was part of the sports event.

"India could have won gold if there was a competition for corruption in the Olympics," said Ramdev as quoted by the IANS. The yoga guru's satirical remark at India's position at the Olympics and in corruption issue drew a round load of applause, only to be countered by the fasting saint.

On observing the cheers emanating from the crowds, Ramdev said that "This is not a matter to applaud," thus hinting that it was a matter that demanded a serious thought.

According to the news service report, Ramdev's three-day symbolic-fast entered the second-day on Friday, with thousands of his supports across the country gathering at the Delhi's Ramlila Maidan. Full story...

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