Sunday, July 15, 2012

'World's best boss' takes 500 workers on £300,000 holiday to Majorca!!!

If there's one thing Brits are desperate for this summer - it's some sun.

So when one generous boss announced to all 500 of his company's staff that he was sweeping them all off to Majorca, it was no wonder they were thrilled.

Kind-hearted Cato Syversen is paying more than £300,000 for the 'sun and sangria' perk to the Mediterranean island of Majorca to say thank you for their hard work.

The staff from finance company Creditsafe will fly off from their offices in rainy Cardiff and Caerphilly on the all-expenses paid break also to celebrate its 15th birthday.

Salesman Mark Davies said: 'No-one has heard of anything like this - it’s going to be a great gathering. More + photos...

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